The best way to saving weight in our FJ is to change the original exhaust system. But take account of that the OE silencers act like a counterweight to damped the engine vibrations, similar to other sport-tourers like  the CBR 1000 XX or my own CBX 750.

To me it is a near security necessity to fit a louder exhaust. And I notice each time that I ride my not too loud FJ compared with my outrageous-sound CBX: the sensation is to be invisible to the rest of the traffic. That old lady who is going to cross the road with her old Volvo is not going to see you unless she can hear you. In EEUU concluded that sound saved lives. I am not praising about to be an uncivilized motorist. We can ride around 2.000 rpm at 2 in the morning in our FJ with a louder exhaust without to disturb your neighbours.

The OE double wall headers of my 1100 starting to crack, so an intrusive ticking noise surging from them did that I started to look around for a complete system. This problem was eliminated by Yamaha fitting single wall headers from the first 1200 mode



Cheap and good replacement for the cans if you like the original sound. Excellent quality and finish. And they are better looking (I think) and have a bit louder sound.

My friend Mingo bought one Motad complete system from Motad and my friend JC a collector box. Motad claims that fitting is excellent and gaskets are not needed. Well, It´s wrong. there are a lot of air leaks at the joints. After spent a ton of exhaust sealant paste, Mingo fixed it welding the different parts, but think that with a little damage he will need to change the complete system. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL the complete system, I can only recommen the cans.


My friend Jose Carlos FJ fits a couple of these. With a little polish they don´t look so horrible. The best of them is the excellent results in sound and power. And when riding you can't see them. Recommended!. 



4 into 1 system, fitted in my FJ 1100. It was a titanium item that weighted only 3,5 kg. Think that the original system weights  around 30 kg. The sound was near savage and outrageous!!!. The only problems were no access at the oil drain screw and centre stand lost.   I think it is discontinued at the date.


LASER K2 4/1 race system

It is 4 into 2 into 1 system: I can’t recommend it: bad fitting causes a lot of impossible of eliminate pops and retention explosions. Don’t buy it.


Cobra F1R race silencers


Very cheap system and good quality, although not at the level of i.e. Micron or Yoshimura or Muzzy. Ooutrageous sound!!. Very light too. A pair of them weight less than 1 only original muffler.

But THESE ONLY FIT PRE 88 Models!. It is too obvious that simply taking the silencers out of the parcel I thought that the shop was wrong with my order. I checked them  carefully and the silencer connectors are around 10 cm too short to fit them properly, because in FJ 1100 and 1200 pre 88 the silencer fitting points are in front of the rear footpegs, not below them like in post 88 models. So I changed the rear fitting point with an invention from myself, involving 2 simple long screws, 4 shims and a pair of lock nuts. I think it is a good solution, because now the OE rear mounting point only supports the rear carrier fitting kit, and not both the exhaust & the carrier.

Cobra F1S Cans


Extremely rare in Spain. In fact, the only pair that I've seen fitted in any bike in all my life. My Groundhog Team friends, JC and Miguel, have a customer with a couple of these fitted in his FJ 1200 3cv. So JC fitted to his bike and tested it. The cans are old and not too lusty, but the effect is wonderful: with a deep bass sound, the cans reinforce the middle power and the FJ feels more powerful. The sound is not so louder than the F1Rs. RECOMMENDED (if you can find a pair)

August 2005

Testing my friend Edu´s FJ vs. my friend Mingo's FJ, both of them same model (1986 1TX), with similar mileage, OE carb settings and with KN, It is clear that the power lives on the exhaust: Edu´s FJ, with these hand-made free cans feels stronger along all the rpm band than the Neta fitted Mingo´s FJ. Edu´s FJ seems other motorbike, with more punchier, growler and more power motor. So I ordered a pair of them.  And even I´m not a friend the home made inventions, these cans are perfectly made, excellent polished, fit exactly and my FJ feels stronger with the more free cans, even although these are not so loud than the F1s.


February 2006

FJ collectors are made from steel, so using a lot of decapant, an electrill drill and a lot of your time, you can eliminated all that black paint that usually start to drop every 2 years. For more dedicated owners, you could even polished the collector to give them like a mirror finish. After 5 days fighting with my collectors, I decided that there was enough, leave them alone and applied a thin of transparent anti-caloric paint to avoid rust. The final result is fantastic


Open collector box/XJR 1300 collectors

The OE FJ collector box weight a lot so it doesn't seem a bad idea to change it. I bought a Special made collectors & box to fit the XJR 1300. even although it fits, I can't recommended it because the system don't fit so exactly than the OE system.

Then I changed the box only with one made to fit FJ 1200 models, lightly different from the XJR models. It is completely open and it sounds like a FW190 from the WW II because the box doesn't break the sound impulses waves from the collectors. It sounds like a super Ducati, but with enormous low down power. Recommended!!!!!!!


XJR silencers

Cheap alternative to replace the OE items, when the mod to convert from 42 mm.  To fit them on 3CV models (88-90) you must make an adaptor similar to those made to fit the F1 silencers or cut and re-weld the original supports. Now, on March 2.015, I've fitted a couple of them after the Gemnini disaster (read below). The sound is bass and deep and bass with the inner restriction removed.

And in 2.007 I´ve fitted this cans too to my 1TX, but completely open and with no the 42 mm. restriction. I like the sound of these a lot. Much better with the OE exhaust pan.



JC says that are more restrictive than the XJR ones with the mod done, but that there are designed to fit straight on. Confirming one more time that the power comes with sound, the bike has lost part of the top end.

I fitted to my bike because I liked the aesthetic, and in order to derestricted them I drilled a couple of holes by inside, out of the sight. Well, no way. Too much silenced, so they have to go.

Don´t try to open the cans by the drill method: you get and horrible sound. (Tested)



Very cheap cans that I bought from eBay looking for an alternative to the Schnappon ones. Made of aluminium, very light and don't looks durable, but the sound is gorgeous and similar to a bit silenced Cobra F1R (Cobra own F1S, I suppose). Even these were new, the parts were NOS and there were no ancillary to fix it to my bike, so I bought a couple of exhaust clamps and with a bit of fiddling the result is superb, better than the procedure that I chose for the F1Rs. There is today a Gemini named company that made exhaust at the US, but only for cars, so these cans are a rarity, I suppose.


July 2.014

My worst nightmare happened in my annual holyday riding travel: the left can broke after a 10.000 rpm. acceleration in the middle of nowhere. We performed an odd job repairing the can and run 200 kms. until Andorra la Vella, virtually exhaust-free (the botched job only remained around 10 kms.) where we found an aluminium soldier who made a good job to remain another 2.000 kms.

For a moment we think that our travel go sunken... but nope with an FJ, clearly. Always carry enough tape and tie-zips and you could repair near every problem in a FJ. What a bike!



Own FJs cans are made by this bussiness for Yamaha. Today are available to buy new, even a complete system.

The OE FJ silencers were prone to internal corrosion. So, how do these branded cans by Marving work?.

Well, nope. Only with 7.000 km on them, the right one has cracked.

The ugly weld at the pic come with the can, it comes from factory, it is not an odd repair.