My FJs


I purchased my first Yamaha FJ, one eleven hundred, in 1987. At that time I owned a Suzuki Katana 1,100. When I picked up the FJ for the first time it was a revelation: 200 km/h at the odo, I was sit on an ultra-fast couch and in wide corners at insane speed the bike didn't move by itself or tried to kill me like the Katana! I immediately bought it, plus the painting was unique and spectacular.

I rode 165,000 km on it in 5 years or so by Mainland Spain and by Europe on trips, Sunday ridings of almost 1,000 km. in one day, as a motorcycle for daily transport to the University and later to the office job, weekends on closed tracks... piece by piece I transformed the motorcycle: I discovered carburetion kits, better brakes, suspensions... You can see the differences from just bought to just before selling it at the pics. When I came to live in Tenerife I got off the Cádiz-Santa Cruz de Tenerife ferry on her, on January 3, 1993.

I had owned other motorcycles at the same time that my 1.100 : GS500, RD 350, CBR 600, FZR 600... but my FJ was my FJ and it is the one I brought with me to live on Tenerife island. Well, and the FZR 600 to go with it, which I sold after a year.

Already living on the island, it turned out that Yamaha had 2 FJ1200 3CVs in stock that it had not sold. Thinking it was going to be better and more evolved option than my 1,100, I bought my 1st 3CV and sold my beloved 1.100. ERROR: the new bike was smoother but less agile, with worse brakes than those fitted on my improved 1,100 and that 120 front tire made the front feeling when braking horrible. I sold it after a little more than one year with 44,000 kms. Not bad!

I owned other motorcycles, but I always remembered my super 1,100. I missed it especially when I traveled to Mainland Spain each summer to ride on motorcycle: how I longed for its comfort, simplicity, low end torque, engine response and power! I looked for any second-hand a couple of times, but no FJ convinced me.

On February 2, 2002 I had a bad accident on the road coming down from Santiago del Teide. I broke 8 ribs and my scapula in 3 places. By then I owned a manageable and light motorcycle, with fabulous brakes and engine, Yamaha FZS 600 S, an explosive combination in which, at the end, you go so fast at a pace that you think is "normal" , but simply there is no time to react if there is an unforeseen event. I was on the verge of giving up motorcycles, but 3 months later I travelled to Madrid with the sole purpose of buying another FJ, the safest motorcycle I felt I had ever tried. (And it still is true).

I bought an carefully cared 3CV with almost 60,000 kms. Its owner came to pick me up in an absolutely pristine 1959 Mercedes 190 B at the train station, in a town outside of Madrid. Just enter and be taken in a car, I knew that the motorcycle I was are going to see was perfect.

After a general tune-up, revised suspensions, fluids, etc... I went on a trip on an FJ through the Peninsula again, since 1.992. And until today, 21 years later, where the motorcycle has been improved little by little and today it has almost 340,000 km on it, which is not bad at all. Used near every day, weekends riding hard, closed tracks, summer trips of 10,000 km non-stop in a month...

In 2009, my friend and travel buddy JC, tired of not being able to evolve his 3XW at the same level as my 3CV, especially in terms of agility, ease of use and sport riding, sold it on to me and he bought a 3CV.

We refitted the OE rims, suspensions and brakes and, except brakes, the bike improved!!

I used this 3XW one summer, I brought the motorcycle with me to Tenerife, performed a general revamp and sold it. No matter how much you make to a 3XW, it will never be better than, lets say, 80% capabilities of a moded 3CV in sport riding. Yes, for long trips it is more comfortable, it vibrates less, but it is more bulky. With a passenger it is true that it has no rival. But it's not my style of use. I have not repeated it with another 3XW. Although I wouldn't mind to own my friend Carlos's 3XW, you have it in the suspensions section.

In 2013 I owned briefly for a summer my friend JC's 3CV. About 10,000 km and a great trip. Luckily for him, he regretted it after the summer. Later, when I was selling the FZ 750, I was going to keep that 3CV, but he sold it sooner than mine. A shame, because I wanted an FJ for the Peninsula to travel: going back and forth on ferry from Tenerife to Cádiz/Huelva takes 4-6 days, it depends. Plus moving from there to Madrid and returning, another couple of days. Better to have a motorcycle in Mainland Spain and JC moves it for me for the rest of the year.

In 2017 I acquired a 1100, thanks due to the typical disasters of the workshops and an owner tired of wasting money to not to ride his bike (and Official Yamaha Service was the culpright). After a thorough tune-up, I embarked on another summer of travel. For family reasons I had to sell it later that year. Luckily, it has fallen into the hands of a friend FJTero who has left it spectacular and perfect.

In 2018 I bought my first (and, to date, only) 1TX at a bargain price. It was scrapped and in very bad shape. I gave it a little tune-up, traveled with it on month and brought it with me to Tenerife where I disassembled it completely and reassembled it completely... and then, I was run over by a van, having to take the chassis to Madrid to be straightened.

Once again, I have to disassemble it completely and assemble it completely, so I made the engine step by step, because it used a lot of oil, changing distribution, block, valves, cylinder head... I updated the cycle, although initially it was not what was planned, but everything was squeezed out at the accident, so It was necessary and today it has around 40,000 kms. I have an article pending about the making of the engine and the second rebuilt of the bike.

In 2020 I acquired my Mainland Spain FJ 3CV with my friend JC. After (another, like always) tune-up, it is evolving but more slowly: front tire, KN, hoses, pumps, front Hagon, linkages... and little else to date. 2 summers and 20,000 kms on it without problems, including closed track. That weekend I rode 700 km. on secundary roads from Madrid to Calafat. Nex day, I rode 240 kms. inside the track. And nest day, another 700 kms to Madrid again. Not bad for a bike with near 40 years!!!.