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My FJs Yamaha FZ 750

20 years online: 2003-2023

Welcome to my site!   



In 1984 Yamaha presented FJ 1100, the RD 350 YVPS and XJ 600 models. More cheaper, faster, and reliable the XJ 600 and RDs were sold like hotcakes in Spain with others like own Yamaha XS400, and eventually destroyed the oily Guzzi , Ducati, Laverda and BMWs reign that plagued my protectionist country, ling homeland with scrap when broken and saturating workshops awaiting parts that never came with mechanical breakdown bikes.

The FJ1100 was out of the reach of mortal people in Spain : at 1,680,000 pesetas
was unattainable (wow!, 10,000 euros then!) . So those of us who were poor were in the workshop most of the time with our broken Italian bike or humiliated mercilessly on any road for the Japanese machinery.  Then we talked about the "Italian character" or "the German tourer ", or "the alm" of the craps, but those nonsense words were only to avoid exploding in cries and tears of envy.

Yamaha itself was the first surprised with the success of the FJ : a bike that was in fact a sport- tourism bike, triumphed in all types of championships all over the world against bikes like the GPZ 900 or VF1000 R... and sank Bimota with a better bike at a quarter the price.
And it was comfortable , easy and safe ( even a novice can ride a FJ since the first contact due to his low centre of gravity and easy handling) . And the expert rider could destroy a pair of tyres on the weekend on a closed track and go the next day to commute with the FJ, starting first time in the morning without any apparent effort.

So good we went that Yamaha sold FJs for14 years! all over the world and superseded more modern bikes like the own Yamaha GTS 1000 or  competence's motorbikes like 1100F Suzuki or Kawasaki GPZ 1100.

FJ are  low tech motorbikes that performs well in all the tasks: sport ridding (first FJ won production races with a minimum of mods, only Carb, foot pegs & exhaust ones), tour solo or 2 up, everyday commuter and easy maintenance, combined with a long-lived motor, even today on production, and near luxurious comfort.

Do you want to travel all day long at 200 km/h without fuss, with the engine purring below you at 7.000 rpm and with 2.500 rpm still on your hand?

¿Or do you prefer ride on 5ª gear all the day long, from 40 to 240 kmh,  spending little fuel and looking at the landscape?. And carrying a passenger and a lot of luggage in perfect comfort.

Do you enjoy weekends frantic rides with your friends or do you use your bike like a workhorse, or both things at the same time?

Are you a home mechanic or simply you don't want to listen about a expensive invoices only for connect tour bike to a computer?. Do you like to personalize or improve your bike or the opposite, do you want a bike with near no maintenance that it doesn't transform in a expensive labour time invoice nightmare every time that you take your bike at your workshop?

The way to make my own web in 2003 was speaking about my near 30 years experience with motorbikes and compare the modifications and tune-  ups that I have done to my 8 FJs along the time, riding on them more than 400.000 kms. (two 36Y FJ 1100, one 1TX 1200, four 3 CV FJ 1200s and one 3XW) with the objective to be useful to all of you who are , like me , in love with the FJ model.

That I couldn't imagine ago in 2.003 was that I was going to make a lot of friends.

Please, send me your questions, FJ photos, comments, suggestions or simply tell me your experiences, tips or whatever you like, simply clicking at my mail.

And if you have any problem, don't doubt to mail me. I will try to help you

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Enjoy the Fast Jota experience!